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On the set with Lucy Lugomer

We are proud and happy that we have for the campaign "All we are equal to" engage and plus-size model Lucia...

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AMDS life

JEANS who like Instagram STARS

Our beautiful instagram "inspiration" Joseph persimmon and Marina Abramovic love AMDS skinny black pants! How could it not, when the skinny...

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AMDS life


Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 we decided to perpetuate campaign in which the leading role assumed successful model Anamarija Crnoja (Talia models). The campaign...

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AMDS life

Shooting with blogger Josipa Dragun

And so one fine sunny weekend sent the shooting with instagram blogger Josipa Dragun. Do we need to say that it...

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AMDS life

Behind the scenes with shooting fashion campaign for spring / summer 2016

Spring / summer 2016 we decided to perpetuate shooting fashion campaign that will best show how we do what we do...

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AMDS life

Denin on denim for cool styling!

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AMDS life

If you need little assistance with jeans purchase we are here for you!

It is important to choose correct size when you´re buying mens jeans because you want them to fit you just right....

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AMDS life

AMDS by Amadeus - No rulles summer!

After it's Berlin week premiere it is time to reveal new and unique vision of AMDS jeans for the upcoming season.

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AMDS life

AMDS by Amadeus thrills Berlin once again!

AMDS thrills Berlin once again. after it´s premiere in july of 2014, AMDS by Amadeus is once again only brand from...

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AMDS life

Jeans that will boost every combination

Most prominent trend that every brand agrees on and which rules the streets is – jeans.      

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AMDS life

Black dress, gold shoes. what else would you need

Unfading ruler, alpha and omega of each season, especially in the autumn-winter days when party combinations are in preparation.

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AMDS life

Real autumn has finally arrived

Knitwear is a true 'must have‘ for the season. Of course, it has always been women’s favourite, while wardrobes of real...

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