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AMDS by Amadeus - No rulles summer!


After it's Berlin week premiere it is time to reveal new and unique vision of AMDS jeans for the upcoming season.


It is a collection that is boldly mixing sophisticated fashion with street style where everything is allowed. Jeans is torn, grinded and patched up and fearlessly invites young to an AMDS stroll on rock scene.

Playfulness in models from the unavoidable high waist to baggy models justifies rebell stand of AMDS by Amadeus brand.

Biggest step forward can be seen on treatments where dark handmade sanded jeans brings completely new note to this traditional material. Light jeans with raw or hemmed patches surely justifies high positioning of the AMDS amongst leading brands in jeans industry. In light grey treatments which announce new upcoming trends, along unavoidable femininity, strong and persevering masculinity can be also found.

Jeans treatment is based on handwork of each model and is how AMDS by Amadeus justifies vision inspired by life of fashion conscious individuals.

Provocative and seductive campaign signed by G.Č. can be seen in photo gallery: