Behind the scene new campaign


Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 we decided to perpetuate campaign in which the leading role assumed successful model Anamarija Crnoja (Talia models). The campaign is inspired by the colder evenings and night life, perpetuated the young photographer Aleksandra Birta in the dark famous Zagreb club Katran.

Denim collection for autumn-winter 2016th to 2017th represents an homage to a variety of shapes and silhouettes are among the recorded jeans stand out models' silhouette shaper "and" Powerflex "jeans - made of special materials supplied innovative technologies, just to accentuate all your aces.

Anamarija Crnoja, beautiful model who graced but two covers for the month of October, and this Storybook and Elle, embodied AMDS perfect face and body, and the role of the male model has taken the model Viktor Bobic - who has delighted and in the campaign for spring-summer 2016.


Makeup artist took over the role Vorina Crnjac which says: "Makeup does not have to be (astronomical) together that would be good. Good makeup much more depends on your ruci- precision and knowledge. What is extremely important and to which everyone should keep hygiene products. it is important that your make-up store in the right conditions it will be the most expensive product is poor storage deteriorate rapidly. the same goes for brushes, wash them and disinfect regularly. the secret of beautiful skin and complexion zrdravog purity. moisturize regularly and adequately is ready for make-up. This will allow you to look younger and fresher.
And finally, do not be afraid to experiment. As with clothing, rules are made to be broken. Be brave, enjoy embellishing because the most beautiful makeup is just the one that carries the proud owner. "

And we in AMDS JEANS-in are 100% proud of their new campaign, a new team of young designers who live streetstyle scene and, above all, a new collection that you can explore at: https://amds.hr/proizvodi/zene/nova-kolekcija/ .