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JEANS who like Instagram STARS


Our beautiful instagram "inspiration" Joseph persimmon and Marina Abramovic love AMDS skinny black pants! How could it not, when the skinny black pants suit everyone and wearable in all occasions. Whether it is about the business situation and strictly formal terms, or an evening out where it is desirable to emphasize your silhouette, black AMDS-ice are a safe choice for great styling! But do not go unnoticed Eliot, is not it?

Excellent business styling guarantees a combination of jacket and black pants AMDS, that the after-work socializing and happy hour you can "raise" above the knee boots. For a more relaxed look, black pants stlizirajte with sneakers and oversized scarf just like a beautiful young scientist Joseph persimmon.

Beautiful Marina Abramovic, we were surprised by AMDS black skinny pants in combination with boots over the knee and fist in the same color. Black styling is a combination of the whole into a sophisticated look that will surely notice and many streetstyle photographers.

How AMDS black skinny pants look in various combinations styreetstyle in our gallery!

Skinny black jeans: https://goo.gl/0udhUJ

Skinny cropped pants: https://goo.gl/JggGHX

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