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We are proud and happy that we have for the campaign "All we are equal to" engage and plus-size model Lucia Lugomer.

Lucia thrilled us with its beauty and charisma and his irresistible puppy Lulu. And as Lucia herself says: "It's wonderful to see how our brands recognizing and go the best possible way. We're all the same when you think about it. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It was a pleasure to work with you."

ur plus-size collection of premium denim has caused huge public interest, but also a number of skeptical comments, but we asked Lucius question on stereotypical assumptions that follows the plus-size modeling.

"The story that plus-size modeling is not associated with gymom not that wrong, but it is absurd! Take my word, plus-size models are more in the gym than 'regular' models, because in our country is very important to maintain their measures, but in a very specific way. "

We noticed that from the young Lucia radiates self-confidence and that really lives to the fullest and get her all true. How does she do it?


"Dreams do come true, when no matter how much they 'unreal' large were still fighting, small human feet in everyday life, that you reach them.

Dreams and aspirations for a reason created by each one of us. Should be grateful for everything. Today, people find it hard to live in the moment, but he will ask, 'age' where was our youth.

We are here to live and nothing less. "

What more to say, but that is absolutely right ...